Each year, the Chamber looks to recognize a citizen that exceeds the standards in their commitment to the Chamber and its goal of promoting local business and the community.


    The 2021 Award of Merit recipient was announced at the April 21st Chamber Banquet and the award went to Mr. Todd Dauber!


    Selection Process

    The award is given to the person that through the years, has given time, effort, and resources to the Chamber (first) and the community.

    The person must be an active member of the Chamber of Commerce.

    Length of service to the Chamber is a major factor.

    Not just one single event is used to determine if a person is qualified but their “Lifetime Achievements”.

    Each year, the past Award of Merit recipients gather to make the selection for the person to receive the current Award of Merit award.


    Award of Merit Recipients

    1985 ~Dick Fankhauser

    1986 ~Emme Miller

    1987 ~Van Salyer

    1988 ~Bill Clement

    1989 ~Carlene Schweer

    1990 ~Lon Pishny

    1991 ~Phil Dick

    1992 ~David Stephens

    1993 ~Ed Rutter

    1994 ~Ward Loyd

    1995 ~Marianne Miller

    1996 ~Tony Geier

    1995 ~Tim Cruz

    1996 ~Maxine Atkinson

    1997 ~Mary Eves

    1998 ~Don Wiens

    1999 ~Mac Payne

    2000 ~Karen Tanner

    2001 ~Janice Stephens

    2002 ~Alan Riedel

    2003 ~Brenda Reeve

    2004 ~Leo Hanneman

    2005 ~Don Linville

    2006 ~George Hopkins

    2007 ~Paul Karkiainen

    2008 ~Margaret Anderson

    2009 ~Phil Escareno

    2010 ~Shonda Collins

    2011 ~Robert Sperling

    2012 ~Kathy Diehl

    2013 ~Neil Hawley

    2014 ~Judy Nusser

    2015 ~Richard Taylor

    2016 ~Donna Tanner

    2017 ~ Roy Cessna

    2018 ~ Beth Tedrow

    2019 ~ Dan Fankhauser 

    2020 ~ Dr. Bill Clifford 

    2021 ~ Todd Dauber