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    Government Affairs Committee


    The role of the Chamber Government Affairs Committee is to bring focus to issues that can have

    a positive influence on business, and to issues that can be costly and unfriendly to business.

    The Government Affairs Committee is the communication program between business and government identifying priorities of business as well as quality-of-life issues, and providing education and advocacy on the priorities of the membership to the proper government body.

    The committee is committed to work closely and build ongoing relationships with our public officials at all levels of government including local, state and federal and to advocate the business viewpoint by giving input on key business issues dealing with economic development.

    Goals of this committee are:

    • Research issues affecting the local business community and provide information through e-mail or list serve technology to inform members about those issues. Communicate with local business people and acquire input on issues that are most important to local business owners.
    • Provide education and resources to business people for the purpose of encouraging well-informed participation at the local, state, federal levels of the legislative process.
    • Monitor issues and member input for the purpose of developing positions on important issues for the purpose of encouraging positive actions from elected officials. Host Legislative Coffees and other events that create opportunities for business people to interact with area legislators from all levels of government.
    • Host Legislative Coffees and events to give business people opportunities to meet and interact with legislators.
    • Meet with legislators in Topeka and Washington to discuss the need for business-friendly legislation and to discuss the effects of specific bills that are presented at the state and federal levels.
    • Adoption and support of an annual legislative agenda.
    • Conduct public Q&A candidate forums during election.  


    Click here for a list of Government Affairs Committee Members